Styling a Midi Dress for any Height

Styling a Midi Dress for any Height

The humble midi dress is a woman’s secret weapon; they’re just so versatile! Easy to dress up or down for all occasions, we firmly believe at StyleCheat that a classic midi dress should be in every woman’s wardrobe.


However, we can understand why some women may shy away from this style with their longer length. Whether you’re a tall goddess or short queen, we want to open your eyes to how a midi dress can be styled to suit your silhouette.


Find hints and tips here to find your dream midi dress, and thank us later!


The Definition of a Midi Dress

Before we jump into the tips and advice, let's define the midi dress. As the name suggests, a midi dress is the in-between length of a short mini style and a full-length maxi. The hem of a midi dress can fall between the knee and ankle, so we can’t assume that every midi dress is the same length. This is where some women can be turned off the midi dress, as they have tried one style and decided all midi dresses are to be avoided.


Well, we say give it another chance; you just haven’t found the right length for your body. But we’re here to help.


5 Style Tips for Wearing a Midi Dress for your Height

Here are some tips for both short and tall women when shopping for your midi dress. The advice here will ensure you choose a flattering length that works with your height, not against it!


1. Avoid the Mid Calf Length

No matter your height, you should be careful to choose a midi dress that has a hem either above or below the calf. You should avoid a dress hemline that falls at the midcalf at all costs.


When the hemline stops midcalf, this is the widest part of your calf and will result in your legs appearing much shorter than they are. Particularly, for shorter women, you should look for a midi dress that stops above the calf; this will elongate your legs and make you appear taller rather than the dress drowning your figure.



2. Don’t Be Afraid of Heels

It’s the age-old secret that a pair of heels is the perfect way to boost your height by elongating the leg. This is especially true for midi dresses if you are on the shorter side, as they ensure you don’t get a ‘stumpy’ look in a midi-length dress or skirt.


So, for short girls, we recommend you choose your favourite heels for a dressed-up style or even some platform-heeled sandals for a more casual look to create the perfect balance.




3. Opt for Lighter or Layered Fabrics

Another tip for shorter women is to choose a midi dress in a light fabric. Lightly woven fabrics or even mesh layered midi dresses ensure the whole look is not weighed down and contributes to a shorter, stumpy look. We also love midi dresses with a shorter lining with midi length mesh overlays that give the appearance of a midi silhouette while showing off your legs.


4. Don’t Forget About your Waist

This tip is one particularly for the tall girls, as we want to remind you not to forget to cinch that waist. When you have a tall and willowy figure, you automatically look elegant and graceful in a midi-length dress. But you don’t want to ignore your figure, and simply cinching your waist with a belt will ensure a flattering silhouette that works with your height.


5. Choose Solid Colours or Small Patterns

With a midi or maxi-length dress, you should avoid colour blocking if you’re on the shorter side. Instead, opt for solid colour dresses from top to toe or if you have fallen in love with a particular pattern style, ensure it is only small and delicate. For example, we love simple polka dots or ditsy floral patterns. This will ensure that your height will not draw attention away from your stunning outfit.


Finding the Perfect Midi Dress

Now that you have read through our tips on dressing for your height, we hope you have the ideas and inspiration to look for your perfect midi dress. But remember, you should always dress in what you feel most comfortable in and don’t change your style for anyone else!


If you’re looking for further shopping inspiration, don’t hesitate to explore our popular collection of midi dresses available at StyleCheat. In our range, you can find midi dresses in a wide variety of styles, from easy day dresses to the perfect occasion gowns, with styles to suit every height and shape.


Don’t forget to finish the look with shoes and accessories!





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