How To Travel Light and Still Look Fabulous: City Break Style

How To Travel Light and Still Look Fabulous: City Break Style

If you have an exciting trip or holiday coming up, we know you will be counting down the days and getting all your planning underway. We also know you will most likely obsess over your outfits, ensuring you have a perfect look for every candid shot and posed photo.


But whether it's a long weekend away with friends or a romantic getaway, baggage allowance and space are not forgiving. So, if you’re wondering how you can pack light for your trip yet still look amazing every day, we are here to help!


At StyleCheat, we have put together the ultimate city break packing guide that ensures you only take a little but still look amazing.


Focus on Separate Pieces, Not Outfits!

The first thing you need to do when packing for your city break is to move away from ‘outfit’ planning. We know you will be envisioning yourself in a whole new look for every day, night or activity, but this idea of multiple entire new outfits will cost you a lot in your case.


Instead, focus your attention on separate pieces. When raiding your wardrobe or shopping, look for standalone pieces you have fallen in love with, like tops or skirts. This means you just take a few pieces you love to make up the bulk of your outfits and then mix and match different basics to complete the look.


Remember, sometimes less is more!


The best way to do this is to scrap any mental or physical lists that follow the “outfit day 1, outfit day 2…” narrative. Instead, ask yourself, do all your tops match your bottoms?


Ditch What You’ll Wear Only Once

If you’re only going to wear it once, don’t take it!


Unless there is a very special occasion or event on your trip, don’t pack pieces you know you will only wear once. It helps to examine a piece and imagine the different ways you can wear it on the trip away. If you’re looking at something and thinking the print or design is too unique to wear multiple ways or days, then leave it behind.


However, we understand that if the trip away is centred around an occasion, like a wedding, party or show, you might have a special outfit in mind. In that case, don’t feel guilty about taking what you know you will feel and look amazing in. Just look for other ways to cut down on what you pack.


Stick to Neutrals with Splashes of Colour

The best way to pack chic yet light is to stick to neutral colours and tones; this means black, white, denim and tan staples. These neutral colours tie your wardrobe together. This way, you can mix and match what you have packed in many more combinations than relying on bright colours and prints.


For example, make sure to pack a simple midi dress in your bag that can take you from day to night with basic layering.


However, don’t shun colour entirely; choose a couple of other tones that complement and work well with your neutrals. We love mustard and rust colours that pair well with neutrals for a gorgeous combination.


Similarly, choosing basics with a lot of texture will keep your look interesting. Swap plain cotton for eyelet detailing, simple tee’s for ribbed fabrics and sprinkle a touch of embroidery across your capsule wardrobe.


Leave the Hard Work to the Accessories

If you’re worried you have cut down your wardrobe dramatically and that each look is a carbon copy, don’t be afraid to let your accessories take over.


Whether it's statement jewellery or a bold hair piece, accessories can turn your outfits into a full look. Plus, they’re also great to mix and match to elevate whatever you have thrown together. We think of them as the magic ingredient to transform your look to full glam.


You can turn a casual dress into a show-stopping gown on an evening with the simple addition of a sparkling necklace; it's that easy. We recommend packing two to three accessories that you love but are also lighter, as we still want to be conscious of those baggage weight limits.



Invest in the Perfect Handbag

If you don’t already have a staple handbag, now might be the time to invest. Having a handbag you love because it goes with everything and is a perfect size is a must-have for a trip away when packing light. The last thing you want to do is fill your travel bag with lots of other bags you may only wear once or not at all.


For a city break, choose a bag with many zip closures and compartments to ensure you have plenty of space for all the essentials you may need while away from home.


You should also be conscious of choosing a bag you can keep close to your body and one that has a secure fastening so you know that your valuables are safe at all times.





Packing Tips for your City Break

Now you have a good idea of what to pack, here are some tips to help you with how to pack.

  • Choose small, lightweight luggage so you don’t waste any of your weight allowance on the case or bag itself.
  • Roll your clothes up inside of your bag instead of folding them. This will save you space and also limit creasing.
  • For a longer break, invest in some packing cubes and enjoy playing Tetris with your clothes. You will be amazed by how much space and organisation these provide!
  • Opt for lightweight fabrics to keep your weight allowance down, and wear your bulkiest clothes to travel in.
  • Remember to weigh your luggage before you head off; this way, you can avoid any nasty surprises and extra baggage fees.
  • If your baggage will leave your sight throughout your journey, pack an outfit change and some toiletries in your handbag. This is a lifesaver to tide you over if your luggage gets lost!


Finding the Perfect City Break Attire

Are you ready to get packing? We hope our guide to packing light yet looking fabulous has helped you with your checklist for your trip and that you have found the inspiration here for keeping your baggage weight down.


However, if you have found your current wardrobe lacking and don’t have the dream pieces you want to take away with you, don’t hesitate to shop our collection at StyleCheat. We have a wide and popular selection of day dresses, jumpsuits, tops and skirts that promise chic, timeless styles perfect for your next city break.



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