Your Secrets To Pulling Off A Long Skirt

Your Secrets To Pulling Off A Long Skirt

A flowy maxi skirt is a recipe for feeling glamorous. We’ll never tire of the swish as we shop or as we stroll down the street! What’s more, a long skirt can suit any occasion with simple styling tips. Whether you’re a lover of casual chic and trainers, or you regularly slay in sophisticated heels, you can rock the maxi length. Take it from us! Here are your secrets to pulling off a long skirt.

Crop Tops Suit Long Skirts

Have you ever heard of the rule of thirds in fashion? In short, you need to visibly split the length of your body into three equal sections for a balanced, attractive look. Outfits should uphold this structure! Since long skirts quickly cover two-thirds of your body, your top can only account for one. Crop tops are a perfect third. During winter, long-sleeved crop tops sit well underneath thick jackets, while cropped vests will keep you cool in the summer.

Tights Are Your Best Friend

Nude tights are the fastest step to appearing put together. Have you forgotten to shave your legs? Not a problem. Your fake tan has gone patchy? Well, nobody can tell! Are you stuck in the cold? You needn’t panic because you’ve got an extra layer of warmth underneath your skirt. Your glamour seems effortless, and you’re certainly pulling off the maxi length. Black tights have a similar effect paired with a darker skirt, but they’ll be more obvious!

Belts Break Up Similar Shades

When you match the colour of your top to your long skirt, you can lose your shape. Your waist isn’t clearly defined, and your body appears to go on forever! A belt solves this problem. Any contrasting colour between your outfit’s top and the bottom half will split up the look and add some dimension. Try gold or silver belts with a black satin skirt or a nude shade with an all-white ensemble. For extra fashion points, match the colour of your footwear with your belt.

Stick With Structured Jackets

Your long skirt is the star of the show. A flowy jacket will only distract from the silhouette of your bottom half, and we want to avoid that! Fitted blazers pair incredibly well with flowy maxi skirts, and tight denim jackets are also an option. It all depends on how casual you’re feeling! Any cropped denim jacket will make the perfect accompaniment to day-trip attire, paired with your long skirt and some trainers. Heels with a structured blazer create a cute cocktail party outfit! You can either dress up or down with your jacket.

Finish With A Pair Of Heels

Now we aren’t suggesting you ought to teeter around in stilettos to pull off a long skirt on your shopping trip. However, heels will elevate your look if you’re styling your cheetah print wrap skirt for celebratory drinks or an expensive meal. Short, blocky mules are a fabulous idea when you need to stay on your feet during any occasion! Black-tie events will require less physical effort from you, so feel free to whip the six-inch heels out. Remember that any shoe to lengthen your legs will shorten your skirt.

Fake A Dress

Maxi dresses are notoriously unflattering due to their excess material around the waist. With a vest top that matches the print or the colour of your long skirt, you can fake the shape of a dress! Tuck your vest into the waistline of your skirt, and flaunt an hourglass shape. Accessorise with a chunky belt, gold statement jewellery and a small cross-body purse to elevate your style. You’ll achieve the ultimate classy outfit without all the baggy material of a shop-bought maxi dress.

Buy Bold And Basic Skirts

Both block colour and prettily printed long skirts have suitable occasions. With a graphic tee, you can spice up your outfit with a zebra printed midi skirt! All the while, loud tops with a splash of colour suit plain, silky maxi skirts. How fun are you feeling? Or do you want to appear sophisticated? You’ll be able to create the perfect outfit no matter what you’re facing with an impressive wardrobe of skirts. View our range of skirts at Style Cheat for some inspo!


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