The Power of Influencers

The Power of Influencers

The power of influencers is immeasurable. They offer style, advice and inspiration to their audiences and influence many of us to jump on new trends and styles. Here at Style Cheat, we want to scream from the rooftops how much we love influencers!


They have a way of bringing fresh ideas and styling advice to outfits and pieces that bring the products on ours and other websites to life.


This is why we wanted to take a moment to really appreciate influencers with a blog post that highlights some of our current favourite content creators, as well as answers a few questions on influencers, how they work and how you can work with us!


What are Influencers?

Let's start by defining what an influencer is, which might be particularly useful for anyone unfamiliar with the term.


To put it simply, an influencer is, just as the name suggests, a person who influences others to purchase products they love. But what gives them this authority?


Usually, an influencer will create content catered to a specific niche and others interested in this niche will follow them on social media for advice, inspiration or even the comfort of someone with a similar interest or lifestyle.


Did you know that more than 3.4 billion people actively use social media? That's 45% of the world's population.


However, we want to make one thing clear. We don’t value influencers on follower numbers but rather on the quality of content and engagement.


So, what influencers have we been loving lately?


Our Current 5 Faves

If you’re looking for some new influencers to follow for styling advice and love the kind of fashion we champion at Style Cheat, then you will fall head over heels for these five ladies!


Liza Prideaux AKA @ lizaprideaux

We adore Liza’s content almost as much as she loves our signature Daphne shirt dress!


Fashion, beauty and travel are three things Liza loves over at lizaprideaux. This is highlighted across her socials with glamorous pictures of her looking amazing in some incredible places. But what do we love the most about Liza’s page? She shows us how you can dress like a celebrity without breaking the bank.



Sophie Claire AKA @ sophieclairecurvy

Are you looking for inspiration on flattering and flaunting your curves? Sophie from sophieclairecurvy is our go-to plus-size fashion content creator, and for a good reason!


We love how Sophie champions positivity and has created a safe space on the internet for women to love their shape and grow their confidence. From classic mirror selfies showing her daily fits to glimpses into her lifestyle and adventures with full-body shots against stunning backdrops, Sophie is one to follow on the ‘gram. She looks amazing in our Beau wrap skirt and cami top combo, completing the look with a Joey knitted cardi.


Moon AKA @ thestylecount

Are you pregnant and have found yourself searching for maternity fashion inspiration? Moon from thestylecount is posting everything about motherhood, including how to style maternity-friendly fashion.


We think Moon looks amazing in whatever she styles, but we can’t get over her recent wedding guest look with our Vanessa floral tie shoulder dress. This bump-friendy silhouette ensured Moon looked positively radiant while celebrating the happy couple. Follow her today for more pregnancy and motherhood advice and content.


Hayley Karseras @ ladyofthemanor77

If you’re a lover of elegant and refined style, we want to introduce you to Hayley from ladyofthemanor77.


Recently, Hayley joined us for a special day in the sun at Ascot racecourse and she looked truly stunning in our Toni pleated maxi dress. Hayley is a poster girl for timeless style, and we think her hidden talent looks effortless in all of her looks and posts. Make sure you’re keeping up with Hayley online if you’re a chic and classic fashion fan.



Phoebe Gore AKA @ pheebslfashion

We can’t forget the power of street style, a look that Phoebe at pheebslfashion blends seamlessly with a more elegant and chic style.


Phoebe is a queen of hauls and daily outfit posts that inspire women on what to wear for all occasions, from walks out for coffee to travelling and special occasions. We are obsessed with how Phoebe took our simple Hope high-neck jumper and elevated the look to a high-end ‘girl-about-town’ aesthetic.




Our Affiliate Program

The Style Cheat brand was built on the desire to create a fashion line that all women could relate to. What better way to relate to our customers than through real content from real women?


By now, you know why we love influencers, so if you think you would be a perfect champion for our brand and love what we’re about, find out more about our affiliate program.


If you have a website or social blog, apply to join the affiliate program today and learn how you can make money on commission and be a part of exciting content creation.


Find out more about our affiliate opportunities online now, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more styling tips, advice and inspiration!



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