A Walk in the Park: 3 Ways to Dress for a Summer Picnic

A Walk in the Park: 3 Ways to Dress for a Summer Picnic

As the weather turns warmer and summer finally arrives, we can look forward to all of our favourite sunny days out once more. A day at the beach or a garden barbeque is all a given. You already have outfits upon backup outfits ready for these occasions if you're anything like us.

But when it comes to the classic picnic, we’re not quite so prepared. There are so many ways to picnic,, after all. Not every outfit is suitable for every picnic, from romantic picnic dates to family-friendly trips spent chasing around the little ones.

But have no fear; we are here to help you take the stress out of being under-dressed or over the top with your look. We have put together the advice and inspiration you need for the type of picnic you’re attending this summer! You can thank us later.


1. Family Fun Day in the Park

Let’s start with an easy one! Dressing for a family picnic doesn’t require any stress, as you’re already spending the day with the ones who’ve seen you at your worst. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to make yourself feel good.

If you have a lot of little ones in the family, you might want to consider this first. After all, they’re likely going to want to drag you up to chase after them, throw a ball back and forth or take them into the play area.

With this in mind, you might want to throw on a pair of shorts or a playsuit for the day. Their short length will ensure you stay cool and feel cute for summer! But, more importantly, you will feel covered and comfortable to spring up, run around and play at a moment’s notice. Pair your shorts with a cute cami or crop top for an effortlessly put-together look.

Don’t forget to finish the look with a pair of trainers or plimsolls to keep you light on your feet, even as you nibble sandwiches and cakes. This will also help you be prepared to chase after the ice cream van!

2. A Picnic Date

We understand that you will want to put in a little more effort and feel gorgeous for a romantic picnic date. This is when you can feel free to dress up and look to Instagram and Pinterest for your outfit inspiration.

However, we think the perfect item of clothing for a romantic picnic date has to be a simple and cute day dress. Luckily, this takes all the pressure out of outfit planning. Simply throw on your chosen dress and go, and you will feel perfectly dressed for the occasion.

We recommend opting for a midi dress that will be comfortable to lounge on the ground without any slip-ups or wardrobe malfunctions!

You can also accessorise the outfit with strappy sandals and a gorgeous summer hat.

3. A Boozy Picnic with Friends

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, are the picnics you spend out in the sun all day with your friends. We think these are the most fun and sometimes last-minute plans leave us the most special memories. So, send a group text, direct everyone to bring some food and drink to the picnic blanket and start planning your look.

If you want to look cute in group pictures and still feel comfortable all day long, why not opt for a cute skirt or casual co-ord? These are the best of both looks from picnic dates and family days out to the park, as they look stylish and still keep you covered while lounging or running around.

Finish the summer-ready look with a pair of sliders you can slip off to feel the grass on your toes and work on your tan.

8 Must Pack Items for your Picnic Handbag

By now, you should have a good idea of what to wear for every picnic occasion. But let's not forget what you should be packing, other than the food of course!

Here are the top 8 things to pack in your handbag for any picnic:

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Suntan lotion
  3. Lip balm
  4. Sun hat
  5. Baby wipes/facial wipes
  6. Hand gel
  7. Reusable straws
  8. Bottle opener/corkscrew

Dressing for More Summer Days

We hope you have found all the inspiration for your upcoming picnic plans here, no matter the circumstances or company!

But if you’re still stuck for outfit ideas for your other sunny day plans, don’t hesitate to explore our complete fashion collection. Here you can find plenty of Spring styles and even party-ready looks that will ensure you look and feel amazing.

Finish the look with shoes and accessories that can easily be mixed and matched, and you’re ready for every occasion!


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