Sleek Silk: The Collection

Sleek Silk: The Collection

The rise of silk in everyday hair and beauty routines has stormed into popularity seemingly overnight. From celebrities and influencers to social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, silk is everywhere.

But what does it do, and why is it so popular?

If you’re considering whether you should jump on the silk bandwagon and add a little more luxury to your usual hair and skincare routines, we are here to help.

At StyleCheat, we are firm believers in the benefits of silk to your skin and hair, so we have put together a guide full of tips and advice on the science of silk’s properties. Find all the information and inspiration here to begin your healthier skin and hair journey.


Properties of Silk

Although silk for beauty routines has seen s sudden surge in popularity, it's not a secret of its benefits.

Silk has been used for thousands of years in all manners of applications.

You might not have known that silk is the only naturally occurring filament fibre. This means its threads are continuous and do not need to be stitched together. Unlike cotton or linen, that has to be spun together to form threads.

Formed threads like this are often much rougher than the naturally formed fibres of silk as they contain many ‘corners’. However, in some cases, these can be treated to become softer, though it is not always a priority for manufacturers looking to use cheaper materials.

The most popular commercial silk is Mulberry silk, from the Bombyx mori silkworm moth’s cocoon. It is favoured for its perfectly smooth and soft texture and for having no joints and a shiny appearance.

Finally, silk is also great for regulating temperature and doesn’t absorb much moisture, partly the reason why it is excellent for hair and skincare.

Why is silk beneficial for hair?

Silk is your hair's new best friend and helps you maintain healthy, luscious locks. Let us tell you why.

As we’ve touched upon, silk doesn’t absorb as much moisture as cotton materials do. This is why using silk pillowcases, and scrunchies can help to keep your hair looking and feeling its best. For example, if you have products or hair masks on overnight, you can ensure your hair holds all the moisture by sleeping on a silk pillowcase and tying it up on a silk scrunchie.

Similarly, they will also ensure that your hair’s natural oils aren’t soaked up by cotton or jersey fabrics.

Another benefit of using silk is its soft and smooth texture, which will reduce friction on your hair and prevent tangles and breakage. So, whether you’re trying to promote hair growth and thinning or want to avoid a painful hair brushing in the morning, silk will encourage moisture retention and soft, smooth strands.

We especially recommend silk pillowcases at night for anyone with coloured hair, as chemical treatments, rough handling and heat styling can cause weakened strands and split ends. If not properly cared for, this can lead to breakage, which silk pillowcases can help combat.

Swap elastic hair ties for silk scrunchies

If you tie your hair up regularly, we beg you to consider switching to silk scrunchies as often as possible. Whether it's to sleep in, out running errands or eleven catch up with friends, silk scrunchies can prevent frizziness and reduce thinning.

The antithesis of a silk scrunchie is a regular elastic hair tie, which causes a lot of tension on your hair and head. With continuous wear, this will lead to breakage and split ends.

Try a silk hair scrunchie for everyday benefits and wins if you're not already convinced. Using a silk bobble will minimise kinks in your hair and keep your hair in place for longer!

Benefits of silk on the skin

Just like silk helps your hair retain its moisture, it works the same for your skin. So, sleeping on a silk pillowcase or with a silk eye mask will ensure your face soaks in its natural moisture and any creams or lotions you put on it before bed. After all, what is the point in putting lots of money into expensive skincare if we’re just going to let our pillows reap the benefits?

This makes it a must-have addition to your usual routine if you suffer from dry skin and will ensure when you wake up in the morning, your face doesn’t feel uncomfortable and tight.

It has also been suggested that silk is beneficial for people who suffer from allergies. Because it doesn’t feature any potentially irritating chemicals and is comprised of natural substances, it wards off environmental allergens, like dust mites, mould and fungus. It also means the results of skin conditions from these are prevented too!

Silk is the way forward

Now that you know why silk is so beneficial for your hair and skin, we want to introduce you to our Mulberry silk collection.

Crafted from 100% Mulberry silk, you can shop pillowcases, face masks, eye masks, scrunchies and more to ensure your face and hair is soft and healthy.

Our silk collection is also perfect for gifting for various occasions. Everyone appreciates the power of good skin and hair. So, explore our range of Mulberry silk gift sets also available.


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