Create Your Own Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Create Your Own Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Your big day would be nothing but enormous stress without the support of your beautiful gal pals! Bridesmaids are there to hug and drag you through every slight inconvenience of your wedding, and you can rely on them to put your needs first.

No doubt you constantly tell your closest friends how appreciative you are for their tough love, but sometimes words aren’t enough. Demonstrate your affection by spoiling them with some treats and ensuring they’re prepared for their duties.

Here’s how to create your bridesmaid survival kit, including fantastic gift ideas.


personalised pjs

1. Start With Personalised Pyjamas

When you visualise a bridal party, no doubt fluffy robes come to mind! You deserve comfy clothes to wear while you’re getting glam, and silky sleepwear is the place to start. Our Lilia blush satin personalised pyjama set is everything you’d dream about as a bridesmaid.

It’s thoughtful, tailored to everybody’s initials, and stylish beyond the big day. In a sweet and subtle pale pink hue, your friends and family will look angelic. Why wait until you step into your dresses to feel radiant and divine?

You needn’t stop there. Include a pair of slippers and some fluffy socks for ultimate comfort. You’ll inspire fabulous memories whenever your loved ones pop their sets on at home.


2. Stock Kits Up With Smellies

What do perfumes, body lotions and candles have in common? They smell incredible, and they’re never an unwelcome gift. Scent plays a critical role in mood and memory, so you need to treat your bridesmaids’ noses!

Pop some body wash and lotion in your survival kit and a room spray. A candle is also an excellent option, so your girls can unwind in a serene, stress-relieving and snug atmosphere. Try and match all your products closely in scent, so your bridesmaids associate that smell with your big day.

Even if the body lotion runs out and your friends burn to the bottom of their candles, they can repurchase every product without worrying it’s too expensive.


3. Encourage Excellent Sleep With Eye Masks

Your bridesmaids are likely just as excited as you for your special occasion! Restless nights are a given as you push your heads together and plan for the perfect ceremony. Still, you can encourage uninterrupted slumber with luxurious eye masks.

Our 100% mulberry silk blush personalised sleep mask with scrunchie set will make the ideal addition to your survival kit. The soft material won’t tug around your eyes, and the accompanying hair tie ensures nobody wakes up with a totty bedhead. What more could you want?


 4. Include A Fashion ‘First Aid Kit’

Makeup and clothing disasters happen at the worst of times! Don’t leave your bridesmaids in a pickle. Instead, ensure they’ve got nail glue, sticky tape, bobby pins and hairspray to hand in a little makeup bag. After all, they’ll be so busy running after you that they could easily forget to fix their outfits.

One of the best gifts you can give as a bride is beautiful photographs where all your girlfriends feel fantastic. Fashion mishaps would only ruin the opportunity. Thank us later!


 5. Pop In Some Prosecco

Finally, you can add the finishing touch of some fizz. Remember, it would be obscene if you didn’t ensure your guests were well-watered! Some mouthfuls of prosecco will add to the excitement lingering around your big day, and it may contribute to extra confidence when your girls hit the dance floor.

A light buzz is the least everybody deserves, and we’ve heard the bubbles pair delightfully with wedding cake too. But if your friends and family scoff every layer with their beverages before you grab a slice, you can’t blame us.


Get Shopping!

There you have it. You’ve got everything you need to keep your bridal party smiley! View our full collection at Style Cheat if you fancy more gift ideas. Happy shopping, gorgeous.


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