Sleepover Club: The Perfect Chilled Vibes For You and Your Girlfriends

Sleepover Club: The Perfect Chilled Vibes For You and Your Girlfriends

Whether you’re part of a bridal party and chilling after a wild hen weekend or having a homemade cocktail night with the girls, a cost set of matching PJs are a must-have on the guest list. It's time to rally the girls and have a sleepover, kind of like a girl's night out but in your comfies. We’ve got the themes and pyjamas down for you to choose from; you bring the wine and your girls.


Girls Night In Ideas


If you’re not going out, why not give your skin the night off and get pampering. We’re talking cucumber slices, face masks, lemon water, fluffy robes and more candles and wax melts than you can imagine. Make it a strictly no emails night, a night away from all the worries in life. Simply one to destress and reconnect with your girls.

We all know the feeling when we’re fresh out of the shower and just completed our skincare routine, maybe even lathered ourselves in moisturiser and false tan. The last thing we want to be stepping into is some tight and possibly scratchy pyjamas. We recommend the Pippa Jersey Pyjama Shirt and Trousers Set. It’s made from a super soft Viscose Elastane blend with a button fastening shirt, and elasticated waist relaxed fit trouser.

If you’re looking for a looser fit but aren't a fan of long trousers or sleeves, do not worry. This set is completely customisable, mix and match to get the exact pairing you’re looking for. You swap the trousers for the Pippa Shorts or the top for the Pippa Cami; the world is your oyster with these pyjamas.


Board Night

I know what you’re thinking, board games for girls' night? But no, you can leave the dice at home; this is something completely new. A charcuterie board is a selection of food with different colours and textures, all laid out aesthetically on a board. They’re often foods that complement each other for example, prepared meats, cheeses, grapes, olives and crackers are often found together. You might love the concept of a charcuterie board but not be the biggest fan of cured meats and cheeses; then this trend is definitely for you.

Board night is where you invite all your guests to build a charcuterie board based on their preferences; trust us, the results can be amazing! Someone might bring a pizza board and fill it with an amalgamation of pizza flavours and accompanying dips. You might get someone with a sweet tooth who will go crazy on the desserts.

It might be a good option to discuss your board's theme before your night in to avoid getting two of the same. You don’t have to give the whole game away and tell them the entire contents so that they get the gist!

The ultimate goal for a girl's night in is to be comfortable. That means you can dig into the boards without worrying about being bloated in your pyjamas afterwards. We have the perfect solution, satin pyjamas. 

More specifically, the Lilia Blush Satin Pyjama Set. This set features a flattering V-neck top and ruffle hem shorts serving you chic comfort! You might want to be a little more covered up; after all, it isn’t Summer for very long for us! Pair the silky number with the Harper Maxi Knitted Cardigan, especially if it starts to cool off mid snack.  


Movie Marathon

Sometimes there’s nothing like having a god ol’ giggle (or cry) with your girls over your favourite chick flick or three! You can guarantee the rom coms will play when the boys are away. Grab the tissues, popcorn and your cosiest pyjamas and press play on those guilty pleasures.

The personalised Women's Ribbed Jersey Loungewear Set is the best addition to your movie marathon as cosy is the goal. It’s made of a super-soft mix of 95% cotton and 5% spandex blend, so it’s soft on the skin and allows for plenty of room if you go wild on the movie snacks. This set’s beauty is not just for girl's night; treat your whole family to a matching set. The set comes for men and children too, and can be personalised!

You want your home to look the part too! There’s a Scandinavian home design trend is known as Hygge. It is described as a “quality of cosiness and comfortable friendliness that displays a feeling of contentment or well-being”. In basic terms, make your surroundings as warm and comforting as possible Think back to the dens you used to make as a child but with fewer bedsheets and more throw pillows. You could even add fairy lights to make the 'Instagrammable' vibe.


Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous! Even better, who doesn’t love receiving pyjamas as a gift? Treat your guests to a sleepover goody bag and add some pyjamas, slippers and an eye mask. Everyone has their preferences in pyjamas; that’s why mix and match sets will become your best friend. For more style inspiration, check out our style blog. If you’d like more help styling your outfit for your next occasion, get in touch with our stylish squad! 


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