The Rise of Loungewear (And Why You Need It)

The Rise of Loungewear (And Why You Need It)
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Nightwear met luxury, and loungewear was born. Over the past couple of years, loungewear has been having a moment across social media. Hashtags such as #StayingInFashionGuide popped up in 2020, with some of the most influential voices in fashion, such as Vogue, joining in on the loungewear hype.


Loungewear inspired clothing even made its breakthrough onto the catwalk last year! Items such as oversized knitwear, loungewear sets, and stylish jogger bottoms have taken over the fashion industry.


The dictionary definition of loungewear is 'casual, comfortable clothing, suitable for wearing at home'. Soft, stretchy materials are a key feature of the style, emphasising being comfortable but with an added touch of sophistication and sass.


Home Working = Comfort Seeking

With more people working from home, there's a need to feel presentable whilst remaining comfortable. Even before coronavirus lockdowns landed, working habits became more flexible, with an added increase in freelance workers. Working in PJs brings a lack of motivation, but office wear is a no-go when you're not leaving the house. Loungewear is the perfect answer, taking you from the daily grind to a walk in the park, then straight to Netflix and chill.


It looks like even though we are on the journey back to pre-corona life, most workplaces will carry on with remote working. The general idea seems to be that most workers will spend part of their week working from home, so it looks like loungewear is here to stay! Classy yet cosy lounge sets will remain a wardrobe staple, and we are here for it.


Also, when fashion guru Anna Wintour posted a photo of herself wearing tracksuit bottoms in her home office! That's when it became pretty obvious loungewear is not just a passing trend.


Wave Goodbye to FOMO, Time For JOMO

If there is one thing we have all had good practice at over the past couple of years, it's staying in. Many of us have realised, you know what, it's pretty good! Covid restrictions have made people rediscover the joy of staying in, getting cosy with a takeaway and whacking a film on. 


Don't get it wrong; we all need a lovely pair of questionable Disney PJs. But, there's nothing like matching silky loungewear set to make you feel a bit better about the amount of Chinese takeaway you just consumed.


When shops closed and we had nowhere to spend our hard-earned cash, most of us went online shopping to fill that retail therapy shaped hole in our banks. Where we would usually be purchasing new dresses for bottomless brunch, we turned to loungewear.


Types of Loungewear

Most loungewear pieces can be mixed and matched. You don't need to go crazy - you can switch up one or two pairs of neutral coloured joggers with a variety of tops. Style your loungewear however you want; comfort is the crucial factor. Organic cotton, velour, cashmere, and jersey are all perfect materials for loungewear.

Two Piece Co-Ords

The great thing about loungewear sets is that they look great together, but you can also mix it up for new outfits. Take this gorgeous animal print loungewear set, style the cardigan with your trusty pair of jeans and some trainers, and you've got an outfit ready for a coffee date. 


Love them or hate them; fluffy sliders are a trend that's sticking around. They're perfect for pottering around the house, but they're also acceptable for popping to the post office. If you want ultimate comfort, then stick to slipper socks, no one's judging!

Cardigan Robes

Dressing gowns can be a bit warm, especially during the summer, so opt for a cardigan robe with a tie belt instead. You're just as cosy, but you'll feel a lot more put together. If the postman knocks, you won't be hiding behind the door.

Oversized Hoodies & Jumpers

Oversized jumper dresses and knitted jumpers provide ultimate comfort. To be worn on their own paired with your fluffy slippers, meeting the girls for brunch? Ditch the slippers pop on your trainers, and you're good to go.


You might think joggers will be unflattering; you're wrong! Say hello to wide-leg joggers and cute matching sweatshirts. You can throw them on and look effortlessly cool. Also perfect for those long zoom meetings; nobody knows you're still in your comfies.


Remember the onesie trend in about 2012? Luckily, that's a thing of the past. No more babygrows for adults; loungewear jumpsuits now could easily be mistaken for an everyday outfit. You could wear your knitted jumpsuit for your late-night supermarket visit, and no one would even notice.

So, Is It Acceptable to Wear Loungewear Out Of The House?

Yes, louder for the people at the back! That is the beauty of loungewear and what sets them aside from your average pyjamas. You can wear loungewear sets out of the house for an ultra laid-back, casual look. You can also mix and match your loungewear pieces with anything from jeans to midi skirts for a more styled everyday look.


For more fashion advice and valuable tips to help you make the most of your wardrobe staples, read more of our blogs at Style Cheat. We will help you style up your existing pieces, giving them a new lease of life, and keep you updated with the latest season trends!


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