Life’s a Beach: The Perfect Dresses for the Sun, Sand & Sea

Life’s a Beach: The Perfect Dresses for the Sun, Sand & Sea

Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical destination this summer or planning on getting some seaside time in on your staycation, you have no doubt begun the search for the perfect beach dress.


After all, finding the right dress is essential if you don’t want to spend the day in just your swimming costume. Whether it’s because you’re not one for swimming or prefer to cover up, a bikini or swimsuit is not the only option for your day on the beach.


To help you with some outfit inspiration, we have put together our guide to the perfect beach dress. We are sure you will find one here that suits your favourite beachside activities best!


The Perfect Dress for Paddling

When we think about relaxing strolls across the beach, we all picture the sand between our toes and the rhythmic lapping of the sea. Whether you like to walk barefoot across the very edge of the shoreline or want to wade a little deeper, we have the dress for you.


For leisurely paddling, swimwear is a little over the top, and we understand that you still want to look good to fit your picturesque beach image. So, what do you wear?


Introducing the Betty cotton shirred bandeau dress! (Side note: we love the tangerine colour for the beach.)

The loose, midi-length skirt is lightweight, so you won’t overheat while offering the perfect length. You don’t have to worry about bunching the fabric. This means you can feel free to wade into the water, paddle to your heart's content, and leave the beach with clothes dry and ready for the next destination.


Adjustable spaghetti straps also promise the perfect balance between being covered up and ready to catch the sun. Did we also mention that they are detachable? So, if you get too hot in the sun or want to avoid tan lines, you can quickly and easily slip the strap on and off.


Pair your Betty dress with a simple beach bag and sweep your hair up into a bun to keep it off your shoulder.


For more paddling outfit inspiration, don’t hesitate to explore our range of midi dresses available.


The Perfect Dress for Catching the Sun

To get the best tan, many of us try to wear as little as possible to avoid tan lines. But wearing a bikini all day long just isn’t practical for some. Especially when the time stolen to sunbathe is found on a stroll or we need to keep running into a shop for more supplies.

This is where the perfect dress for catching the sun comes in!


Donning the Tallulah ruffle smock mini dress will ensure you beat the heat and feel comfortable while lounging in the sun. Its loose and floaty silhouette promises no heavy fabric that hugs your body, and its short length promises optimal tanning time for your legs.


Plus, you can beat tan lines with simple tie straps that you can easily slip off your shoulders for an even bake.


We love this design as it’s also so versatile, taking you from day to night in an instant; a great option if you’re looking to pack light for a holiday. Simply swap sandals for heels and add a pair of gold hoops. For sunbathing poolside, use this dress as a cover-up over swimsuits if you wish!


For more options, don’t hesitate to shop our full range of mini dresses for more designs perfect for topping up your tan.


The Perfect Dress for Beach Sports & Fun

Not every trip to the beach is about lounging and relaxing; for some, it's their favourite place to let off some steam, play some games and chase around after their kids. So, what do you wear to the beach when you know you can’t sunbathe for long or enjoy the peace of paddling?


For a versatile style, choose the Olivia mini belted shirt dress. Its short length means you won’t overheat as you walk, run or play and keeps the dress safe from the sand and waves. Its button-up design also makes it the perfect layering piece so that if you do get too hot, you can quickly and simply remove it with a swimsuit or shorts and vest beneath. This way, you can get redressed and look amazing for a late lunch or afternoon cocktails.


Finish the look with the chic Mykonos sunhat and oversized sunnies that are as stylish as they are practical.


Alternatively, don’t forget about the classic playsuit! A little bit more casual and technically cheating on our promise to present dresses for the beach, a playsuit is perfect for everything from cartwheels and playtime to sports games on the sand. Check out the Nikita linen blend playsuit for the perfect beach day outfit.


3 Styling DON’Ts for the Beach

Now you know what we think would look amazing at the beach; let's go over a few styling don’ts that you should avoid.

1. Heavy Materials

Avoid heavy materials and jeans at all costs for your trip to the beach. The heavy fabrics will weigh you down and make it impossible to relax as the sun shines. Plus, if you get them wet, they will become even heavier and take forever to dry, making you uncomfortable and desperate to leave as soon as possible.

2. Dark Colours

Have you ever heard someone tell you to avoid black clothing when it's sunny? There is actually some science behind this, which means you should avoid dark colours at the beach. Dark colours absorb more heat than lighter alternatives, so by sticking to light-coloured clothing, you can be sure you won’t overheat too fast.

3. Tight Clothing

When the weather is warm, you should avoid tight clothing as much as possible. Tight clothes cling to your body and hug your curves, making your body heat up much faster and raise your temperature. This is why we have recommended dresses in light, breathable materials like cotton and linen that make you feel comfortable and breezy all day.


Looking Your Best No Matter the Heat

We hope our guide has inspired you on how you can look good and feel even better for your next beach trip. If you’re looking for more inspiration, don’t hesitate to look for more summer clothing in our popular holiday shop.


You can find everything you need, from full outfits to the perfect shoes and accessories to complete the look. But, be careful, you might end up packing a whole suitcase with these gorgeous pieces!



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