Catch Flights Not Feelings: Dressing for a Destination Wedding

Catch Flights Not Feelings: Dressing for a Destination Wedding

Wedding season is truly upon us and if you are searching for the perfect wedding guest dress, look no further than our collection at Style Cheat. We have even already put together a comprehensive guide to what to wear as a wedding guest.


But, when it comes to destination weddings, we understand better than anyone that finding the perfect outfit is much trickier. There is much more to consider, from the journey to the heat, which is why we are here to help!


The Return of Destination Weddings

With the end of social distancing measures and travel restrictions caused by the global pandemic, destination weddings are back in full swing. In fact, 25% of UK couples choose a destination wedding, according to Condor Ferries.


Whether the couple just loves the idea of their guests in holiday mode or dreams of sea and sand on their big day, there are countless reasons why some prefer getting married abroad. Not forgetting the estimated differences in cost with the average UK wedding costing £17,300 and weddings abroad possible for as little as £2,000.


So, it might be the obvious choice for the couple, and as a guest, you may be looking forward to a break away to celebrate with friends and family.


But once again, you might wonder how to plan your wedding guest outfit. After all, you don’t want to overheat and still want to be mindful of not underdressing or going overboard. This is why we have pulled together the ultimate guide to wedding guest dressing for a destination wedding.


Understanding the Dress Code

The first thing you need to do when planning your wedding guest outfit is to look to the invitation for advice. Sometimes the couple will put a dress code to help guests understand what they should wear. In some beach theme cases, this may be total beach attire like sarongs for the women and Hawaiian shirts for the men. But you must not assume this is the case just because the wedding is by the sea, so do not turn up in your best bikini.


Beach wedding attire can vary greatly depending on the formality of the event. However, a good rule is to opt for more casual and comfortable fabrics than traditional UK weddings call for.


We recommend you look into the venue for an idea of what will be best suitable. For example, suppose the wedding venue is a patio or hotel that overlooks the beach. In that case, usual wedding guest dress rules will apply.


However, dressing for beach vibes will be more suitable if any portion of the event takes place on the sand.


Colour Palettes and Fabrics

A fundamental difference between usual wedding attire and destination wedding inspiration lies in colour palettes and fabrics. After all, the classic little black dress and heels may seem like a foolproof choice, but it just doesn’t work for the beach setting.


Therefore, avoiding dark colours and focusing on light fabrics and tones is a no-brainer.


If the event is more formal in attire, opt for solid colours in lighter tones that give the impression of high-end staple pieces. We love a wide-legged jumpsuit to suit this vibe, complemented by a fishtail braid and a natural, woven clutch to finish the look.


If the event is more relaxed, don’t be afraid to go for a fun print and choose a breezy maxi dress or structured romper. If you are looking for a beach dress, just make sure the length is at least midi or maxi to avoid looking too casual.


Keeping Cool

Of course, when it comes to a destination wedding, one of the most pressing issues you may face with your outfit is beating the heat. As we’ve already touched upon, avoiding dark colours and heavy fabric will help you do this.


You can also avoid overheating by choosing sandals for your feet; just be sure they’re not too flimsy or casual for the occasion. Basically, avoid flip-flops!


You can also feel free to wear a sun hat to stop the sun from beating down on you. But, you must remember to remove it for the ceremony; the same goes for sunglasses. If you’re worried about the heat, you might want to find a classic handheld fan that matches your outfit to fan yourself and keep cool.


Enjoying the Sea and Sand

Finally, remember that a wedding is still a celebration. While there might be plenty of unsaid rules to respect the occasion, you still need to have fun!


Once the ceremony is done and the champagne is flowing, guests might enjoy nibbles on the beach and a warming campfire. So, don’t be ill-prepared to dip your toes in the water. We think a light midi dress is the perfect destination wedding guest outfit for those spending the day on the sand. It means you can feel free to stroll along the shore as the party grows late without worrying about your clothes getting wet.


Plus, long, draping dresses are a nightmare on the sand. You will spend most of the event bunching the fabric and carrying it with you, leaving you with creases in all your photos!


Finding the Perfect Outfit

We hope we have inspired you with our tips and tricks to finding the ideal outfit for your destination wedding! For more outfit ideas, look to our entire wedding guest collection to find the option most suitable for your event. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to shop for more dresses and jumpsuits from Style Cheat. Don’t forget to complete your look with accessories and shoes!



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