What Fashion Style Suits Me?

What Fashion Style Suits Me?

You have an outfit idea in your head for that night out, and you finally go to try it on and... it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t sit right and doesn’t look anything like you hoped. We’ve all done it. So chill out and stop putting yourself down! It happens to us all. No, your thighs are not too big! And nope, you don’t need smaller arms. You need to think about your body shape and work with it, not against it. 

We can all be our own worst enemy. Starting the night out with struggling to find an outfit can totally ruin your mood. But, if you build your wardrobe around your shape, you’re guaranteed never to be stuck without an outfit. No more last-minute wardrobe changes, no more spending a night out with the girls comparing your outfit with everybody else’s. Been asked on a date? Got the outfit sitting there waiting!

Time to find out your body shape. We’ve all heard of the terms apple, triangle, hourglass... let’s leave that in 2005. We’re all unique and should not be shoved into a category. So instead, let’s get the measuring tape out and focus on proportions. What’s the aim? Find your best qualities and emphasise them. We all have them.

How to Take My Body Measurements

Time to strip down to your best underwear and get the measuring tape out. Remember, we’re finding out your best qualities here, so stay positive, don’t be harsh on yourself!


Find the broadest part of your shoulders, above your collarbones. Loosely wrap the tape here. It could slip and fall, so an extra pair of hands can be helpful. 


Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust. It’s OK to keep your bra on! Hold it tight enough so it doesn’t fall, but make sure it’s not squeezing your bust.


All you need to do is find the smallest part of your waist. This is not always where your waistband sits. Take the measurement, again making sure the tape is not too tight.


Find the widest part of your hips and bum and measure. Again, it’s OK to keep underwear on. All done!

Now, let’s chat about what you’ve found and how to dress to make you look and feel amazing. Then, you’ll be first up on the dance floor and no more avoiding group pictures.


Shoulders Wider Than Hips

You might want to create the illusion that your hips are wider? If so, smock dresses are your best friend. Look out for frilly skirts. The extra detail will take eyes away from your shoulders. Avoid tops with additional detail like bows and flared sleeves. 


Hips Wider Than Shoulders

Suppose you want to create balance, lean towards clothing that makes your shoulders seem larger. Tops with puff sleeves should be your go-to for this. Thanks to Kim Kardashian, you may want to show off your wide hips. Satin slip skirts will show off your gorgeous figure.


Shoulders and Hips Similar Size, With a Small Waist

You probably consider yourself curvy, this is a great attribute, and you should show it off! Go for belted dresses to flaunt that tiny waist. Need some trousers? High waists will hug you in all the right places. Smock dresses can be unflattering, so maybe stay away from these.


All Measurements are Similar 

If you have an undefined waist and all of your measurements are pretty similar, accentuate one area to create curves where you want them. For example, flared sleeves create shape in your upper body. Wrap dresses pull you in at the waist and give you all the desired curves. Smock style clothing may make you feel frumpy, so steer away from these.

Just because Instagram says something is on-trend doesn’t mean it’s on-trend for you. So, don’t feel pressured to follow all the latest fads. We’re all different. Let’s embrace that. Wear what you feel comfortable in, you do you!

Focus on what you do like about your body, and dress to show these bits off. Next time you try an outfit on, point out what you love rather than what you hate.

If you’ve got some ideas from this, and you’re excited to shop, amazing. Not every shape has been covered. This is because there are just so many, that’s our whole point! Contact us at Style Cheat for personal fashion advice for your shape. You’re gorgeous, and you should feel that way!


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