Denim Jackets: Your Style Guide

Denim Jackets: Your Style Guide

Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple. With thousands of takes on the classic design, you can find a denim piece in just about every colour to suit every season! Your standard jacket can be dressed up for summer or wrapped up with layers for winter, so you always look trendy at the right temperature.

That being said, there are endless routes you can take to styling your denim jackets. Choosing an outfit can feel overwhelming! If you’re confused or uninspired, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s your style guide, covering everything denim and jackets.

How To Choose A Denim Jacket

Firstly, you can’t expect an impressive outfit without selecting a superb jacket. There’s an art to choosing your perfect piece, and we’ll help you nail it! Follow our steps below when you’re contemplating whether a jacket is worth buying.

1. Consider The Colour

When you’re searching for a staple denim jacket, the colour is critical. Dark navy green makes a beautiful item, but it won’t go with all your T-shirts! These tips will help you make a sensible decision on the colour of your new jacket:

  • If you wear blue jeans most often, a black denim jacket is a sensible choice. Black and blue denim can be worn together with ease, and you won’t have to worry about matching blues.
  • If you wear black jeans most often, you could go for a blue or a white jacket. With different colours of denim, you needn’t spend time trying to match your upper half to the tone of your jeans.
  • If you wear white jeans most often, a white jacket is the best way to go. Matching whites is more straightforward than matching blues and blacks, and dark jackets don’t always suit light jeans.

2. Look At Length

An ideal fit in a denim jacket has the hem sitting near your hip, even if it’s ‘oversized’. Longer jackets get in the way and prove challenging to layer with, while shorter jackets can interrupt the flow of your outfit. You can play with the length as much as you’d like, but this is a rough guideline!

3. Figure Out The Fit

To flaunt your figure, you want your denim jacket to feel snug around your arms. A baggier design is clever only if you expect to layer jumpers underneath your coat. No matter what look you’re going for; you should be able to lift your shoulders with ease and without feeling like the seams will rip.

Styling Your Denim Jacket For The Seasons

Now you’re equipped to pick the perfect jacket; you need to sort styling it! Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter all ask for a new approach. Whether you need more layers or less of them, here are some seasonal styling tips for you all year round.

Styling Denim For Spring

The sun is shining, but it isn’t roasting outside. Try wearing thin turtlenecks underneath your denim jacket, and pop on some mom jeans or a skirt to accompany. Mules are a fabulous option for footwear. You’ll leave little skin to catch the breeze, but you won’t overheat if the air starts to warm!

Styling Denim For Summer

It’s the season of summer dresses, and your denim jacket adds a laid-back touch to the girliest outfits. Your printed floral minidress might seem a little much for a picnic, but a white or blue denim jacket keeps the look casual. Match the colour of your denim with some trainers, and you’ve got an outfit.

Styling Denim For Autumn

Cosiness will be the first thing on your mind now leaves are hitting the ground. Throw on a chunky knit sweater, some thick tights, a pair of boots and a black skirt. Your denim jacket is the next layer, adding some chic to your fall attire. Even add a beret if you’re so inclined; it’s Autumn after all!

Styling Denim For Winter

There is no sweeter combination than a fleece-lined hoodie underneath a denim jacket. A T-shirt can be your first layer, then your favourite hoodie and your denim jacket. Joggers or jeans are the perfect bottoms, with chunky trainers should you need to wade through snow. Add a beanie for extra warmth!


You’re Ready To Go!

You’re prepared to flaunt your style off every month, no matter what the weather throws at you. Check what’s just landed at Style Cheat to build your next outfit around your denim jacket!


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