How To Wear Jumpsuits In Winter

How To Wear Jumpsuits In Winter

What’s the quickest way to a fashionable and coherent outfit? Well, we’d suggest it’s a jumpsuit. You needn’t spend time matching your jeans to a top and a jacket since a jumpsuit covers everything in one swoop. Everybody knows they make the perfect one-piece cover-up over bikinis when you’re headed to the beach. However, if you’re under the impression that jumpsuits are only stylish for summer, then we’re here to change your mind!

No matter how much frost you’re facing outdoors, jumpsuits elevate your wardrobe all year round when you know how to style them. Here are a few tips on how to wear jumpsuits in winter.

1. Add Underlayers To Your Jumpsuit!

Of course, it won’t come as news that layers are your most significant weapon in tackling the cold. Thin, long-sleeve turtleneck bodysuits easily slip under any jumpsuit! An underlayer can add lengthy sleeves, where T-shirts and vested jumpsuits would expose too much skin to be suitable for winter. White, black and nude underlayers will accommodate any colour of a jumpsuit, so be sure to add them into your arsenal for the frosty season. Don’t be afraid to pop on tights underneath your wide-legged jumpsuit, either!

2. Layer Again With A Long Jacket.

You’ve handled the underlayers, but a coat is equally essential. British wintertime is notoriously nippy. A long jacket protects the majority of your body from harsh weather, and they look effortlessly trendy all the while. Our Shayla black lightweight borg long coat on dry days makes the ideal, toasty top layer to any winter outfit. Just be warned, you may be mistaken for a teddy bear! Passers-by will want to cuddle you or at least stroke your jacket. You can try a similar design but in waterproof material for wetter mornings.

3. Style With Some Big Boots!

Frostbite all over your feet is never a look, so steer clear of sandals and open-toed heels. A pair of big boots will serve you well, whether you’re trekking over fresh snow or slushy puddles. Settle for a neutral colour like tan or black that will match your underlayers. Wide-legged jumpsuits will rest over your boots with ease, while you can tuck cuffed bottoms into your boot for a combat style. Trainers are an option for jumpsuits with an awkward length, though you’ll likely find they get soggy sooner.

4. Enhance The Look With A Hat.

It’s far too sweaty to don a black Fedora hat in the summer. Now it’s frostier; you can accessorise your look to your heart’s content! A beanie can make your jumpsuit casual for a spot of Christmas shopping, while a wide-brimmed hat is a beautiful statement piece for a winter night out. Where possible, try and coordinate the colour of your headwear to your boots or your jacket! Don’t be afraid to play with lots of styles to discover which hats compliment the shape of your head, and enjoy a little extra warmth around your ears.

5. Wrap Up With A Scarf!

A scarf is a further layer that can help you wear jumpsuits in winter. Uniquely, scarves are a removable, warm accessory that you can strip off once you head inside! You want to be wrapped up warmly when you’re waiting outside in your jumpsuit, but the heating will be blasting in your office. Add a splash of colour to your outfit by picking a statement scarf. Bring a basic outfit to life with a bright red silk scarf and some matching gloves. If you’re feeling fancy, you can go a step further with a red lip too!

6. Buy A Knitted Jumpsuit.

You’ll achieve an appropriate winter outfit much sooner with a jumpsuit made from chunky fabric. Wool and corduroy retain much more heat than cotton, so lean toward those materials as you shop! Our Emma cream utility jumpsuit is an incredible place to start, with long sleeves and thick material. With a zipped front, you can also alter how much of your chest is left exposed to the cold. Here’s a hint - you don’t want any bare skin out in the cold during winter!



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