Sleeping Better with Silk

Sleeping Better with Silk

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to feel like a queen every day?! We certainly do! With lockdown feeling like it’s (literally!) never-ending and self-care forever on the rise, we thought we’d share with you the science behind silk and how investing in products like silk pillowcases, eye masks, and scrunchies can have huge benefits for your sleep!

Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are the height of self-care and luxury! If that amazing feeling of crawling into bed after a long day of working from home wasn’t enough, then it’s time to upgrade your night-time routine with a gorgeous silk pillowcase. 


Silk provides way less friction than regular cotton pillowcases and are also much softer, meaning you’re much less likely to wake up with tangled, untameable hair that you’d need to spend hours perfecting (we’ve all been there!), making it great for those mornings where you’re totally rushed off your feet!


The reduced friction of silk pillowcases also means they’re fab for your skin too! Think about it, when you’re sleeping night after night on rough cotton (especially if you toss and turn on the regular!), it’s bound to have a negative effect on your skin. After all, the skin on your face is super delicate, and resting that against a rough surface for hours on end can’t be good for anyone! Silk also absorbs less moisture and dirt from your skin, so you’re not essentially creating a pile-up of grime (sorry!) each night like you would with a cotton pillowcase.

Silk Eye Masks

What better way to scream ‘lockdown self-care’ than with a glamorous AF silk eye mask?! As with the pillowcases, silk eye masks are great for your skin due to their smooth and silky (obviously) texture, meaning they’re so much kinder to the delicate skin around your eyes. Silk also has moisturising properties, which is especially ideal for use around the eyes, helping to prevent those pesky dark circles and fine lines!


It’s no secret that eye masks, in general, can vastly improve your sleep quality. They have the ability to block out light and increase melatonin levels which means they’re definitely worth using. Eye masks made with silk, however, take those benefits a step further as we’ve talked about above; they’ll also make you look super chic too (bonus!).

Silk Scrunchies

Face it; no one wants broken or damaged hair with the added pain of split ends! If you’re finding that more often than not, your hair keeps catching on your hair tie or scrunchie, it’s probably worth looking to get a silk scrunchie. Not only are they super cute and stylish, the lack of friction (we’re sensing a theme here!) in the silk will help keep your hair in tip-top condition, not to mention helping your hair to retain moisture for longer!


Silk scrunchies are also much softer than traditional hair ties and scrunchies, meaning you can tie your hair up while you sleep, without worrying about feeling uncomfortable or, even worse, waking up with that dreaded headache the next morning! Through using a silk scrunchie, you’re making sure your hair is protected from breakage, dryness, and bad hair days!


Ultimately, sleeping with silk products such as pillowcases, eye masks, and scrunchies can seriously up your lockdown (or anytime!) self-care game, which, to be blunt, is essential after the year we’ve all had! 


Their moisturising properties and benefits for your hair and skin make them the perfect addition to your routines, not to mention they’ll make you look (and feel!) super glamorous - what more could a girl want?!


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