How to Wash Your Knit Jumpers; No More Shrinkage

How to Wash Your Knit Jumpers; No More Shrinkage

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We need to face the facts; summer is nearly over. This means it's almost time for the knitwear to make an appearance. You'll be saying goodbye to beach days and beer gardens for now, but let's look at the positives! Autumn walks with a warm coffee in hand, cosy nights in with a documentary and a pizza, pumpkin picking and all the cute aesthetic Insta pics. Leaving summer behind doesn't sound too bad.

Autumn/winter clothing is also cute AF. There's nothing quite like a warm hug from an oversized chunky knit jumper! The only problem is, winter clothes are chunky, and you'll be sat watching your washing basket pile up. The more you wear your knit jumpers, the more you need to wash them! We don't make the rules. 

We're all guilty of throwing clothes in the washing machine, ignoring the settings, throwing in a dash of detergent and hoping for the best. This usually works out pretty well, but you need to be more cautious when knitwear is involved. Washing knitwear can leave it looking dull, bobbly, and worst-case scenario, it shrinks! We have to avoid this; we all know that oversized is best for the colder months.

The 7 Golden Rules of Washing Jumpers

First Things First; Check The Label!

Before you do anything else, look at the label on your piece and make sure it's washing machine safe. If not, you will need to handwash it.

Pick the Right Detergent

You can get specialised detergent for knitwear, so opt for this if you can. Do not skimp on detergent! Always use fabric softener; otherwise, your knitwear will end up itchy and rough, NOT the cosy autumn vibe we are going for. 

The Shorter, The Better

Go for the shortest length wash available on your washing machine if you have the option. This reduces friction, which is often the culprit for ruining knitwear!

Use The Settings (They Are There For a Reason!)

If you have options for delicate, handwash, or slow, then use them! As we said, friction is terrible for knitwear, and these cycles spin slower, reducing friction.

Inside Out Is the Way to Go

Washing your knitwear inside out prevents bobbling. Also, make sure to do up all buttons and zips. This stops your knitwear from getting caught and pulled!

Seperate From Chunky Denim

Again, this comes down to friction! Only wash your knitwear with delicate items such as lingerie. If you want to go the extra mile, place your knits in a mesh laundry bag.

Air Dry Is Best

If your jumper is tumble dry safe, go for it, but make sure you always use the lowest heat setting. Don't use the air-dry setting; this causes too much friction (we all know that's bad). The best option is to lay your knitwear flat to air dry to be on the safe side. Always avoid hanging knits up to dry! This can cause them to become misshapen.

How to Handwash Knitwear

To handwash, place your knitwear in a large basin. Add your chosen detergent and warm water, and soak your piece for at least 5 minutes. Carefully rinse, do not twist or wring the garment! Squeeze out excess water, then lay flat on a towel to air dry in a cool place. Sorted! 

Honey, I Shrunk the Knitwear

Mistakes happen, life goes on, and so does your knit jumper. It's easy to forget, and shove your beloved knitwear into the tumble dryer with your towels on full heat, and now it's not quite as oversized as in times gone by. Relax; there are steps you can take to save your shrunken knitwear.

STOP. Do Not Dry!

Whilst your shrunken knitwear is still damp, lay it on a towel on a flat surface. 

Stretch It Out

Start stretching the item from the bottom upwards, pulling at the hems and neckline. You want to encourage the knitwear to stretch out again, back to the size and shape it once was. 

It might be hard to get your knitwear back to exactly how it was, but you can undo a lot of damage if you put in the time and effort. It will be worth it when you're back in your cosy outfit.

Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk (Or Wine)

Wearing your knit jumper for winter walks and coffee in the park means it's hard to avoid stains. If you were a bit clumsy and knocked wine onto your fave bit of knitwear, fear not! Your jumper isn't going in the bin.

Grab Something Quick

Whatever you can get your hands on, a napkin, your skirt, anything will do, as long as it's not too rough! Blot the stain, making sure not to rub. Rubbing the stain can make it worse, spreading it and pushing it deeper into the knit.

Soak It

Soak your knitwear in cols water with a dash of high-quality detergent. This stops the stain from setting into the knit. If it's a tough stain (red wine, oops!), use warm or hot water.

Time to Wash It (With Fingers Crossed)

If the stain is nasty, there is no way to guarantee it comes out, unfortunately. But a girl can hope! Place your high-quality detergent in your washing machine, along with your knitwear, then follow all the previously mentioned golden rules. Let's hope for the best.


Hopefully, it worked, and your knit jumper is back looking a million dollars. If not, let's flip this bad sitch into a good opportunity; retail therapy. Check out our range of knitted cardigans and jumpers; treat yourself! You deserve it anyway.


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