The Ultimate Hen Party Packing Guide

The Ultimate Hen Party Packing Guide

Do you have a hen party on the horizon that you’re unsure what to pack for?  Whether it's your first hen party or your fiftieth, we have the hints and tips here to help you with what to pack to keep the party going. From the essentials you must not forget to exciting surprises that will delight everyone in attendance, we have you covered.


Whether you’re the bride, maid of honour, or just attending the event, this guide is for you!


8 Essentials for a Hen Party

When it comes time to pack for a hen party or weekend, it can be hard to find the right balance between overpacking and underpacking. However, there are some essentials you want to be sure that you don’t leave behind. Missing out on any of these might leave you feeling stressed and unprepared for the weekend ahead, and make an emergency shopping trip necessary!


1. Gift for the Bride

A gift for the bride can cause a lot of confusion among the hens on the most appropriate course of action. Bridesmaids may wish to buy something personal for the bride, and ideas are endless when you know the bride-to-be well and what they would appreciate.


But what about the other guests at the hen, and what kind of gift is appropriate?


If you’re struggling with ideas on what to buy the bride, you might want to get together with the other hens and plan a group gift. This means you can pull your creativity and budget together to choose a meaningful and appreciated gift. We love the idea of putting together a bride-to-be hamper filled with all her favourite treats, skincare and more essentials to help her prepare for the big day.


2. Activewear

Full hen weekends sometimes include a group activity to break up the partying sessions and have group bonding time. Sometimes, these activities are left as a surprise for the hens, so you should prepare for any scenario!


For this reason, pack some activewear for the hen party that ensures you still look cute in photos but are prepared for any event.


A comfortable tracksuit is a perfect pick for this, paired with trainers for an easy-going style that will take you from hikes and rock climbing to paintball and throwback sports day games.


3. Novelty Accessories

Love or loathe them; the classic novelty accessories are a staple at any hen do. From the risque drinking utensils and inflatables to sashes, headbands and more pieces to deck out the bride, this is one item on the packing list you should not leave behind.


The giggles and photo memories that will ensue once you whip the novelty goods out of your bag will certainly be a highlight of the weekend.


If you have a picky, Insta-perfect bride on your hands, you might need to be a little more creative in the places you shop for your novelty items and keep the flashy colours to a minimum.




4. Loungewear

Between the activities and partying, your hen weekend should have some time for respite. Having a moment to catch your breath from the whirlwind of fun might look like a movie night with snacks or even a spa session with massages.


So, comfy loungewear is a must for those moments of tranquillity on your hen weekend. Soft and cosy loungewear, two pieces, leggings, jumpers and cardigans for layering will ensure you feel comfortable but stylish for the pauses between fun and games.


5. Decorations

Remember, the hen is a celebration, so decorations are necessary! If you’re staying overnight, you might want to put up a few banners in the bride’s room or set up a photo backdrop for the whole party to take fun pictures with.


You could also bring some giant foil balloons to surprise the bride at the start of the party and ensure everyone else is aware of exactly who the celebration is for.




6. A Party Dress

No hen party is complete without a night out where everyone takes the time to get dressed up and let loose. So, you can not forget a statement party dress!


For bottomless brunch and day drinks, we love a stylish midi dress in a bright and bold colour. For an evening meal or afternoon tea, choose a wrap dress for something a little more elegant that will take you from day to night. And, of course, for the night spent partying until the early hours, keep it simple with a mini dress accentuated by sparkling accessories and strappy heels.


7. Games

An essential for any hen party, little games are perfect for breaking the ice and getting everyone in the party spirit. Even if you only have space to throw a deck of cards into your bag, this could be the start of many drinking games across the weekend to get everyone warmed up and pass the time between plans.


You could even get creative and think of some party games that might be personal to your hen group, like creating your own hen party bingo for everyone to tick off across the weekend.


8. Music

What is a hen party without music? If you’re staying over for the weekend, consider packing some portable speakers and creating a hen party playlist for everyone to enjoy. From wedding-themed songs to classic throwbacks from your youth, fill the playlist with songs everyone will love.


Even if a few of the guests create playlists, this ensures the party never gets boring, as you can play between them to keep the excitement going all day long. Music might not be something you realise you need until you’re in the middle of the weekend, having pre-drinks or getting ready in silence; not fun!


The Practical Hen Party Packing List

Now you have read our top eight hen party must-haves that you might have forgotten about, let's go over the basics that you also need to pack. To help you and ensure you don’t forget even the simplest essentials, we have pulled together a packing list for you to tick off.



The Ultimate Hen Weekend

Are you ready for the ultimate hen weekend? We hope our guide on what to pack has helped you to get prepared for your upcoming hen party. You might even want to liaise with the other hens to create a combined checklist to ensure there is no overpacking and waste. For example, you might want to share shampoo and other products.


You might also want to bring drinks and snacks and give every hen their own list to be responsible for.


Don't forget that you can find everything you need in our wedding guest collection at Style Cheat when it comes to getting ready for the main event. 



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