The Definitive Guide to Bridesmaid Dresses

The Definitive Guide to Bridesmaid Dresses

Planning your big day is no easy feat. You’ve got to find a venue that suits your style, design the cake of your dreams, and pick a dress fit for your fairytale. Every element of your wedding should coordinate and suit being presented together so that you may develop a colour scheme. Your colour scheme can cover the accents of your wedding decor as well as your cake, and your dress code! A dress code can span to your guests too, but the styling of your bridesmaids is most important.


Not only are your bridesmaids central to your event running smoothly, but they’re also a massive visual part of the celebrations. Choosing the right bridesmaid dresses guarantees that your wedding photographs will be incredible, and all of your favourite people will feel as beautiful as you think they are! Here is the definitive guide to bridesmaid dresses, whether you favour an angel sleeve wrap maxi dress or an elegant cocktail style for your bridesmaids.

Pick a Dress Shade

While it’s likely you’ve settled on a colour scheme, you’ve got to pick a dress shade from that palette for your bridesmaids! If your wedding will be mint, nude and gold, are you going to favour mint, nude or gold in your dress code? Could bridesmaids wear any of the three? Where there is an extensive age range in your bridesmaids, you’re best off picking a colour to coordinate their outfits rather than a dress style! What is flattering for your auntie won’t necessarily suit your teenage cousin.


A classic red is a wise option, because there are countless dress designs available in the shade. You can offer your bridesmaids the choice between a colourblock midi, or a shorter lola heart dress in red. All the bridesmaid outfits will coordinate, but there’s a little bit of room for personal styling and individuality inside the theme.


Stick to Simple Styles

Simple dresses photograph the best. Particularly eccentric and unique dress styles will clash, and you don’t want your pictures to seem mismatched. Encourage your bridesmaids to express themselves through beautiful accessories and jewellery rather than expecting a statement dress. Simple silhouettes and classy materials are timeless at the end of the day, and if you hop on a trend of leopard print or unusual sleeves with your bridesmaid dresses then your pictures could seem dated a few years on.


Long and flowy elegant dresses suit a variety of wedding themes, and they needn’t be detailed to look stunning. Equally, plain cocktail dresses made out of satin and silk can wow in various colours, and with all sorts of hairstyles. Experiment more with makeup and up-dos for your bridesmaids, and celebrate their individual styles while they’re wearing matching dresses.


Spice It Up

Ultimately, your big day is your big day! Feel free to spice up your crew of bridesmaids however you please. You could give your Maid of Honour a different dress to the rest of your wedding posse, because why shouldn’t she stand out? A cold shoulder maxi dress in navy is timelessly beautiful, and your closest girlfriend will catch eyes with the long skirt in a sea of cocktail dresses. You could go all out and make your Maid of Honour a unique, bright colour! 

No matter what you decide to do for your bridesmaid dresses, as long as you remain true to your style and you consider the comfort of your loved ones, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible day. If you’re unsure how to go about buying suitable bridesmaid dresses or you’d like further guidance on styles and colours, contact us at Style Cheat. We’d be more than happy to help you for your big day!


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