Outfit Ideas For Your Interview

Outfit Ideas For Your Interview

So you've bagged an interview for that dream job, first up- congrats! You've researched the company and got some impressive questions prepped. But, the real burning question; what on earth do you wear? You've raided your wardrobe, and nothing is making the cut. You want to feel confident but not look like you're about to hit the town. You want to look professional but still want to show off your personality through your outfit. 

We don't doubt that your radiant personality and thoughtful answers will win them over, but we can't ignore how important appearance is for an interview. You're after an outfit that screams reliability, organisation and productivity - but also gives you the confidence of Beyonce when you walk into that interview room. 

Look no further. Let's find an outfit that makes you feel a million dollars and helps win over that interview panel.

Dress to Impress

A wardrobe staple and something you can always rely on, dresses are a perfect interview choice. If you want something formal but not drab, go for a belted shirt dress. Even if the job is casual dress, you should still put in some extra effort for the interview. If you're after something a bit more relaxed, consider a smock dress. Still professional, but with an effortlessly cool vibe.


Top & Skirt Combos

Pairing a gorgeous blouse with a skirt is a fail-safe way to look smart, but with an added glam twist. A sheer blouse may seem like a boring, obvious choice, but pair it with a silky skirt to add some edge. If you want something less figure-hugging, go for a midi skirt with a black bodysuit. This combo is relaxed but still exudes professionalism.


'Jeans & A Nice Top' - But Smarter

A classic combo, you've heard your girls say 'jeans and a nice top?', we can always rely on this outfit. Jeans may not be the best idea for an interview unless it's super relaxed. Instead, opt for some culottes, a great way to inject personal style, as they will go with pretty much any top that suits your fancy.


Wild Cards

If you're going for a creative job, you might want an outfit that's a bit more out there. Or maybe you want something a bit more interesting to stand out from the crowd. How about a co-ord? If you still haven't found the outfit, how about opting for a jumpsuit. No need to worry about your pieces matching as the outfit is sorted in one go, perfect. 

Sorted? Hopefully, you've found the one. The most important thing? Wear what makes you feel good. Don't be spending the interview worrying about your dress riding up or your straps falling down; pick something that fits you in all the right places—sending you a confidence boost, positive vibes and good luck. You deserve it.

For further styling tips and advice on finding that perfect outfit, contact us at Style Cheat, and we will help you land that job.


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