Styling a Cardigan: How to Wear

Styling a Cardigan: How to Wear

Gone are the days where wearing a cardigan made you look (and feel) like a librarian, they’re back and ready to transform your outfit no matter the season. There are so many ways a cardigan can be styled with new shapes, materials, and patterns than ever before. 

Button me up 

The classic button-up cardigan, everyone from school girls to grandmas has at least one in their outfit. They’re so versatile, but how can you style them to stand out from the crowd? Fasten the bottom 2/3 buttons and do a french tuck into your jeans. If you’re feeling extra cheeky, pair with a lacy bra and wear the cardigan off the shoulders. 

Transform your cami tops into a gorgeous two-piece and match the colour of your top with a slouchy cardigan, the perfect way to wear your cami tops all year round and still look effortless. Whether you go traditional or add a modern spin, don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and patterns with your button-up like spots and stripes, animal print or block colours. There are no rules with knitwear so go wild. 


Chunky AND funky 

Designed for those late-night beach trips or garden parties that go on slightly longer than planned, a chunky knit cardigan is the perfect mix of warmth and style. From long to short and everything in between, if it’s a chunky knit, it’s guaranteed to transform any outfit into cosy chic. Don’t end your night out because the great British summer has let you down, pair a chunky cardigan with your favourite LBD, and you’ll be ready to party the night away. 

If brunch is more your scene, a cardigan is your best friend. Grab a cute bralette and a pair of flares and throw on a chunky knit cardigan and heels for good measure and you’re all set. Be it eggs benedict or a full English breakfast, have faith in your cardigan to see you through till dinner time. 


Keep Knit Chilled 

You know those awkward in-between seasons days when you leave the house in a jumper, and by lunchtime, you’d rather be in a vest? Long Cardigans are about to be your saving grace. Experiment with colour and pattern, and their possibilities are endless. You can use a cardigan to your advantage. Why not let your dress do the talking and pair a neutral colour with a busy maxi dress. Sounds like a match made in heaven to us. If you want to bring your jeans and plain white tee from drab to fab, add a long animal print cardigan, and you’re ready to hit the town. 


Match made in heaven 

Why get one thing in a gorgeous pattern when you could get two? That’s right co ords are here to stay, and a cardigan co-ord is exactly what is missing from your comfy casual wardrobe. You don’t even have to think about styling a co-ord with your top and bottom half already taken care of.  Look effortlessly chic while binge-watching Netflix and eating your body weight in cookie dough. They’re so gorgeous, why save them for just the living room? Add a pair of white chunky trainers, and you’re ready for a park date. 

However you style your cardigan, you can be sure of one thing - you’ll look gorgeous and warm at the same time. The perfect answer to the British Weather. For more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your wardrobe, get in touch and our gorgeous team will be happy to help. 


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