How To Get The Most From Your Wax Melt

How To Get The Most From Your Wax Melt

Put simply; wax melts are flameless alternatives to candles. They usually come in bars or circle shapes and are broken up and melted to release the fragrance inside. They’re easily interchangeable and are perfect for keeping any room smelling fresh. 

Step 1: Choose your fighter 

Deciding on the type of wax melt you want to use can affect the scent intensity and burning time. Soya wax is the most popular; it’s vegan friendly, not tested on animals, and handmade in the UK. Unlike candles, wax melts offer more than just a scent. The small size and the fact they’re wickless means they can show off in the design; often, a wax melt design will be an extension of its scent. Take Seabreeze, for example, a popular fresh fragrance that works well in the bathroom; you’ll often find the melts beach-themed, complete with a shell design and sand. The beauty of wax melts means even after they’ve melted, you can still appreciate them visually with these added extras. Depending on the size of your wax melts, you typically only need to use 1-2 cubes of wax. Simply pop the wax melt into the dish of the burner and get ready to light it. 


Step 2: Burn baby burn!

There are two main types of wax melt burners on the market at the minute, electric and tea light. Traditionally wax melt burners are lit with a tealight, so they have a designated hole below the dish to house it, but as they become more popular, more styles are invented. If you choose to use an electric warmer, there should be an on/off switch to turn it on. Once you’ve got your wax burner hot, the wax will slowly start to melt and release a beautiful scent into the room.  

Typically a wax melt has about 20 hours of burning time, so it’s up to you how long you have it burning to keep the scent fresh in the room. If you are using a wax burner, make sure to change the tea light underneath because they usually last around 4 hours. If you choose an electric warmer, some of them come with built-in timers so you can select your optimum burning time. If it doesn’t, we recommend purchasing a timer plug so you don’t leave it burning all night.  

If you only want to burn your wax melt for an hour or so, simply turn off the heat and let the wax harden so it’s ready to re-burn another time. 


Step 3: Time for a change

The beauty of a wax melt burner means you don’t have to stick with one scent, and they’re easily interchangeable to keep any room smelling fresh. Simply heat the wax melt burner for about 5/10 minutes so that the wax is slightly loose, then push gently on the wax, and it should just pop out. Then a quick wipe of the dish to make sure no wax residue is left and you’re ready for the next one. It depends on how long you leave it burning each time we recommend you change up the scent, but it’s always an excellent idea to start the week with a fresh aroma dancing around the house. 


Whether you want one in every room in your house or think they’d be the perfect gift for someone you love, wax melt burners are the perfect way to keep a room smelling beautiful. If you have any questions on wax melt burners, contact us, and our gorgeous team will be happy to help! 


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