Introducing Fergie: Your 2-in-1 Bestie

Introducing Fergie: Your 2-in-1 Bestie
fergie reversible 2 in 1 dress

If you’re looking for the ultimate wardrobe staple to revitalise your style, we want to introduce you to the Fergie Dress.


Arriving in a figure-flattering wrap-over silhouette, the Fergie dress is a dream with elongated cuffs and a tie belt fastening. Sleek and stylish, this timeless design is sure to become a wear-forever piece you reach for time after time. But the best part?


Our iconic Fergie dress is reversible! Yes, you read that right, you can wear your Fergie dress in two ways, each giving a new style and look. So, why are we o excited about this? Keep reading to learn more about the features and benefits of the Fergie dress and why reversible styling is our new obsession.


5 Benefits of Reversible Fashion

Learn all about the Fergie dress here and why you should invest in reversible fashion thanks to these five fantastic benefits you can look forward to!

1. Making Fashion Sustainable

If you are an eco-conscious shopper, you no doubt are already familiar with the detrimental effects of fast fashion on our world. At Style Cheat, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality clothing built to last, so each piece is an investment you can style a million times.


We took it one step further with the Fergie dress, designed with two different fabrics that allow you to create more outfits from just one dress. Reversible and multi-way clothing is the fashion industry's future for those looking to cut down on their consumerism habits. You can halve the number of pieces you buy and feel better about shopping for a new outfit with the Fergie dress. Especially because its premium-quality construction ensures this timeless design can be worn for years to come.


For those unsure if they need to change their fast fashion habits, you might be shocked to learn that a staggering 92 million tons of clothing waste are discarded each year. This is equivalent to a rubbish truckload every second.

2. Perfect for Last Minute Outfit Changes

So, by choosing a reversible Fergie dress, you can already feel better about your fast fashion habits. But that’s not the only reason you should invest in this stunning dress. It is also perfect for those who struggle to decide on an outfit for an event.


If you are someone that plans their outfit weeks in advance, only to look in the mirror before the party and decide to change, this is the dress for you. Whether your best friend is in the same colour, the pattern is no longer the vibe you’re feeling, or perhaps your accessories just don’t match as seamlessly as you’d hoped. You can simply swap the dress over for a whole new look.


The Fergie dress is available in many colours and designs, with each one offering two complementing fabrics. You can switch effortlessly from a colour block number in an elegant shade to something a little more exciting with a floral or ombre pattern. And these are just a few examples.


We love the Fergie dress in Zodiac print, which features a pink and orange colourway accented with small zodiac symbols. The perfect way to express yourself for any event!

3. Save on Space

Choosing reversible clothing like the Fergie dress is the optimal way to declutter your life and free up space in both your wardrobe and mind. Ever heard of the saying ‘Buy Less, Buy Better’?


Reversible garments are a dream come true for those being sensible with space, in the home and beyond. Travelling also becomes much easier when taking the Fergie dress with you, and it allows you to re-wear the same piece many times on your break away. All while still looking fresh and chic for the ‘gram.


Luggage allowances and sticking to cabin cases has never been simpler to navigate than with your new best friend, Fergie. Especially if you struggle to plan ahead on what you might like to wear when you’re away. 

4. Endless Styling Possibilities

By now, we have shouted about how you can wear the Fergie reversible dress. But with two fabric choices, you are forgiven for thinking the styling options are still limited.


You could wear the Fergie dress for an entire week with no two looking the same. This is because the dress is designed to be styled up or down, with countless styling possibilities. Whether you want to wear your tallest heels and glittering jewellery, pair it with ankle boots and a leather jacket or even take it back to basics with chunky trainers and a cardigan. You can do it all with Fergie.


Plus, with different colourways on either side of the dress, you can pick out jewellery, handbags and shoes that perfectly complement each side for a wide range of different looks.

5. Reverse Unexpected Accidents

Last but not least, the practicality of the Fergie dress is unmatched when it comes to accidental spills. We’ve all been there at a party, dinner or event when we’re having a little bit too much, and we spill a drop of food or drink down ourselves.


With the Fergie, your night will no longer be ruined as you can simply go to the restroom and return in a whole new, clean outfit that looks just as gorgeous! This dress can save the day in more ways than one.


Add Fergie to your Wardrobe Today

Are you ready to fall in love with Fergie? We hope we have convinced you to try the reversible dress style, as we know you won’t regret it!


The Fergie dress is available in various gorgeous colours and designs, with something to suit every skin tone and preference. From Green Ombre to colourful Animal Print, you can find a new best friend and dress in one with Fergie.


If you love the style of the Fergie, shop our wider collection of flattering wrap dresses online at Style Cheat now. Or why not shop our full dress collection?



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