How to Wear Shirt Dresses

How to Wear Shirt Dresses
Star Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is a wardrobe staple. Sassy, and quick to dress up and casual down, a shirt dress is an easy way to spice up your spring wardrobe! Whether your shirt dress is a midi length or a maxi, like our Daphne Star shirt dress, you won’t struggle to create a stunning outfit. With some clever styling tips, shirt dresses can be worn at any time of year - whether you’re facing chilly winter or you want your legs out for summer. Seriously!


Styling a dress isn’t always as simple as putting it on and shoving on your heels as you fly out the door. Layering will be your best friend when you’re looking to style your shirt dresses in wintertime! If you don’t know where to start, then don’t worry. We’re here with a handy guide, letting you know just how to wear shirt dresses during every season of the year.

Styling a Shirt Dress for Winter

A shirt dress alone will be too flimsy to keep you cosy in winter, but no need to fear! Shirt dresses are practically built for layering, so you can wear plenty underneath and over your dress to keep you warm.


A perfect place to start is wearing your shirt dress with a chunky belt and knit cardigan over a pair of wide-legged trousers. For a touch of pink elegance, consider a blush wide leg trouser for your outfit! Light pink trousers will suit a bright and airy shirt dress, while a smarter decision than a white or cream could easily stain or get dirty. Patches of mud and dried spilt coffee will never look cute!


If trousers aren’t your thing, try layering a thick pair of tights and a tight polo neck jumper underneath your belted shirt dress. None of your skin will be exposed, but you’ll still look chic! What’s more, you have your pick of jackets that can accompany this look. A leather jacket would work well, but you can wear denim or a long overcoat too.


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Styling a Shirt Dress for Spring

You have different things to worry about now the weather is getting a little warmer! Wearing a shirt dress throughout the day can feel impossible, as the mornings are chilly but midday is very warm. Thin layers are ideal for a spring shirt dress look!


Leggings are a clever, thin layer to pop underneath your shirt dress for spring. They’re particularly handy to keep you warm in the morning if your dress has splits on the leg. Our Jessie animal print utility shirt dress is ideal for layering with leggings in spring weather, with a practical midi length, yet fun print!


To vamp the look up, try a pair of trendy knee-high boots over your leggings. You’ll look like you’re wearing tights, but you’ll be at the perfect temperature!

Styling a Shirt Dress for Summer

The fewer layers you’re wearing in summer, the better! But that doesn’t mean you have to wear your shirt dresses on their own. You can still style up a gorgeous outfit while staying breezy.


Why not wear your shirt dress as a cover-up for your bikini or swimming costume? Whether you button it up or leave it open, your shirt dress makes a statement while being comfortable to wear and easy to throw on. With a statement earring, necklace or chunky belt, you’ve got a showstopping look with minimal effort! 


A bold leopard print, like featured on our Indie animal pleat skirt shirt dress, adds some flavour to plain, all black swimwear and would look incredible with a red lip. You can’t lose!


You can pull off any footwear with this look too. If you’ve got a cocktail party while you’re abroad, throw some heels on and a wide brim hat! If you’re heading to the pool, flip-flops will do. Down to you!


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Styling a Shirt Dress for Autumn

While it is starting to slightly cool outside, you have a lot of free rein in autumn to choose what shirt dress looks you like the best! The weather is pretty mild so you can layer, or wear your shirt dress alone.


Consider styling up your shirt dresses for evening plans and parties! The tight-fitting bodycon dresses of summer aren’t quite the right mood anymore, and shirt dresses can make stylish yet sophisticated partywear. Wear thin nude tights to smooth out your legs, and some pointed flats if heels aren’t your thing!


If your shirt dress has long sleeves, you mightn’t even need to wear a jacket - but denim is a smart choice since it’s thin while stylish. You’ll sweat it out in a thick coat, and they’re a nightmare to store in a bar while you’re out for drinks and dinner!

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