Cosy Knit Wardrobe Staples

Cosy Knit Wardrobe Staples

There’s undoubtedly still a chill lingering in the air, and that calls for one thing. Knitwear. Fluffy wool is an absolute must when you’re braving the cold! You need a range of stylish jumpers to rotate, as well as scarves and headwear to help you hold heat. Let’s sort you out with a selection of cosy knit wardrobe staples, so you never need to panic about facing frost again.


Pop A Cardigan In Your Collection

Start simple with a comfortable cardigan. The beauty of knitwear is your ability to layer, and a cardigan is the easiest to introduce! Leave it open to show off your top or button yourself up, whatever suits your outfit. Whether there is a slight chill outside, or you’re popping your knitwear underneath a thick winter coat, you’ll find plenty of use for your new piece.

Style Cheat’s Morgan space dye mint green cardigan can accompany you through all seasons. You’ll feel cosy and cute no matter whether you’re out in breezy autumn or you’re basking in the sun of summer.


Slip On Some Soft Socks

Warm feet are essential to a healthy mind and body. Let that justify what will be your new obsession with pairs of fluffy socks! Whether you’re mooching around the house or you’re stepping out in chunky walking boots, woolly socks offer all the decadence and delight you’d dream of for your bottom half. Toasty feet nearly guarantee that the rest of your body will feel warm.

Splash out and get a selection of pairs so that you can pop on a different pattern for any occasion. We promise you won’t regret it!


You Need A Long Knit Dress

You heard it here first. Your first order of business is securing a long knit dress! Why not cover your whole body in a soft swoop when wool is so warm? With a gorgeous full-length outfit all in one, all you’ll have to remember is a pair of tights to accompany, a belt to accentuate your waist, and some boots.

Try our Tiana ivory high neck midi knit dress to get started. You won’t struggle to match accessories to the muted colour, and the buttons across each shoulder add some structure.


Add A Jumper Or Two Next

We aren’t saying anything new when we declare that the team at Style Cheat love layers. As you transition from winter to spring, woolly jumpers are your secret weapon! Pop them underneath your coat, or wear them as an outer layer with a T-shirt beneath on the less frosty days.

Cover all your bases by bagging a nude, white, and black jumper so you can always colour coordinate with statement pieces. Check out our black slouchy jumper to begin your collection.


Sort A Snuggly Scarf

A slouchy jumper can leave your neck exposed, meaning you need a snuggly scarf! Getting winded by a chilly breeze isn’t an appealing option, so you’ve got to wrap up when you’re heading out of the house. Scarves are an underrated layer you can include with any outfit; they’ll boost your warmth significantly while remaining straightforward to take off!

Our Sid personalised black scarf is a piece of knitwear you’ll be desperate to add to your wardrobe. As if the soft knit blend isn’t appealing enough, you can customise the scarf with your initials for a personal touch. Grab a black bobble hat and matching gloves for a foolproof winter fit.


Expand Your Knitwear Collection

Now you’ve got the basics secured in your wardrobe, you can start the most fun part. Take your collection to the next level with unusual knit pieces! Why not experiment with a brightly printed cardigan and matching knit shorts? You can even get handbags with a woolly exterior for the ultimate cosy look. The possibilities are endless. Get browsing!


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